The Human Service Center 51.42 Board was established in 1972 as a quasi-governmental agency representing Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties.  The charge of the Human Service Center is to provide citizens of Forest, Oneida and Vilas Counties with chemical dependency, developmental disabilities, and mental health services.  The Board is comprised of 16 individuals.  The individuals are representative of each County Board, as well as citizen members, who are appointed by each County Board Chair.  The Human Service Center is funded through a variety of sources that are program specific as well as through county funds; the annual operating budget is approximately 20 million dollars.  Services are provided both directly and indirectly through purchase of service contracts with various providers throughout the three counties.  Listed below are the board members and their committee appointments.  To view the Board and Committee agendas and minutes, please click on the name of the committee listed below in orange.  Please note that minutes are not posted on the website until approved by the committee.



David Campbell - Forest County:  Developmental Disability, Finance, Personnel, Policy


Ted Cushing - Oneida County:  Buildings and Grounds, Developmental Disability, Personnel


Jeanne Weyers - Forest County:  Behavioral Health, Building and Grounds, Personnel

David Hintz - Oneida County:  Developmental Disabilities, Finance, Policy


Richard Johns - Oneida County:  Behavioral Health, Developmental Disability, Policy, WCHSA Rep


William Korrer, Jr. - Oneida County:  Board Chair, Finance and Ex-Officio all other committees


Ronald Kressin - Vilas County:  Board Secretary/Treasurer, Behavioral Health, Finance, Policy


Harland Lee - Oneida County:  Developmental Disability, Personnel, Policy


Maggie Peterson - Vilas County:  Behavioral Health, Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Personnel


Charles Rayala - Vilas County:  Behavioral Health, Personnel


Tom Rudolph - Oneida County:  Behavioral Health, Buildings and Grounds,

Paul Spencer, Jr. - Oneida County:  Behavioral Health


Ken Storms - Vilas County:  Buildings and Grounds, Developmental Disabilities, Policy

Tom Tallier - Forest County:  Developmental Disabilities, Finance, Personnel

Nancy Tauer - Forest County:  Behavioral Health, Building and Grounds, Policy

Alan VanRaalte - Oneida County:  Behavioral Health, Buildings and Grounds, Finance



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