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Biomarker Project


Along with providing the OWI Assessment for OWI offenders, in 2012, The Human Service Center implemented a new program to develop Best Practices for Repeat Intoxicated Drivers in rural Wisconsin using alcohol biomarkers to monitor drinking behavior during the Driver Safety plan and to improve their systems of support when a relapse is detected.  Biomarker testing in an evidence-based strategy to monitor alcohol consumption and assign a treatment plan consistent with drinking behavior aimed to eliminate such.  This project results in better recommendations for the utilization of treatment resources at The Human Service Center.  It also results in improved employment, reduction in criminal activity, reduction in homelessness, and improved social supports.  Using evidence-based practices helps the Intoxicated Driver Program promote safety for the entire community through reducing the incidences of driving under the influence of alcohol by helping drivers maintain more prolonged periods of sobriety.  The Biomarker Project was recently highlighted on's Here and Now. 

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